Let Afi and ZoZo tell you about ASD

Did you know that you can measure you own heart beat?


Here’s how you try it out:

Place two fingers on your wrist as shown and press down

Ask your parent, sibling or friend to count 10 seconds for you

During that time, count the number of beats you feel

Multiply the number you counted by 6 (or ask a family member/friend for help)

This is the number of times your heart beats per minute!

How your heart tells you it needs a little extra help:

  1. You might have trouble breathing or you might get out of breath more often than your friends and siblings.

  2. You might feel more tired, and notice that you have less energy than your normal self.

  3. You might notice your legs or feet swell. This could look like them getting bigger, puffier, or even more red.

See how much you’ve learned! Take this short quiz:

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