Pedi-Ed is the foundation for accessible, informative pediatric-patient education.

 Our Mission

By keeping children well-informed, we can empower them to take charge of their own health and help them feel confident and reassured through all of the medical obstacles they may face.


Our Goals

Pedi-Ed aims to bridge the gap between children and their ailments and allow them to engage with their health through informed consent and self-assurance.

 Pedi-Ed makes this possible through short and engaging, animated videos.


Our Vision

 In exploring the impact that pediatric-patient education and support has on overall patient care, Pedi-Ed strives to raise the standard for pediatric-patient care.

Through partnerships, we are continuing to grow and develop our content for varying pediatric medical concerns and issues.

Core Team



Ahaana Singh 

Founder and CEO

University of California, Berkeley

Ahaana is a fourth year Public Health and Global Poverty student at Cal. With over 7 years of working with and mentoring young children in various capacities, Ahaana is committed to empowering children and helping them take charge of their health.


Caroline McGuire

Co-Founder and CMO

University of California, Berkeley

Caroline is a fourth year Integrative Biology student at Cal. Her background in the med-tech space as well as her experience of working with youth throughout Oakland, has contributed to Caroline’s passion for empowering youth through education.


Adam DeAngelo

Co-Founder and CCO

Boston University

Adam is a fourth year studying Film and TV at Boston University. His passion for illustration and comedy has really shaped Pedi-Ed’s content and tone. Through creative development and leadership, Adam has built the foundation for Pedi-Ed’s mission.


Victor Ringeard

Co-Founder and CTO

University of California, Berkeley

Victor is a fourth year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student at Cal. He has extensive experience with research and development in the med-tech field and is utilizing these skills to better Pedi-Ed's platform.


Josie Lee

Director of Development

University of California, Berkeley

Josie is a third year Public Health student at Cal. Her experience with health communication and youth health education has helped her develop content and supplementary materials for the Pedi-Ed platform.


Alyssa Haag

Content Development Lead

Emily Schultz

Marketing Lead

Harrisen Min

Internal Development

Amanda Hayes

External Development

Board of Directors

Kris Olson, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital



Anastasia Brodka

AQB Capital


Colin Boyle

University of California, San Francisco



 Abdur Sikder

San Francisco State University


Moira Perez

CultureWork LLC



Chaitanya Mamillapalli

Southern Illinois University


Diksha Idnani



Ami Bhatt, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital


Skye Christensen

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area


Medical Advisory Board

Christina Kwong, MD

Washington University School of Medicine

Cynthia Jones, RN, BSN, MBA-HM

University of St. Thomas; Western Governor's University

Anthony Porto, MD

Yale University

Dylan Dean, MD

University of Texas Medical Branch; Peer Review Systems

Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, MD

Washington University School of Medicine

Brooke Polk, MD

Washington University School of Medicine


Anthony Jones

Rocky Vista University

College of Osteopathic Medicine

Carmen Hill-Mekoba, DNP

Matrix Medical Network and Professor at Simmons University