Patient Education for the Next Generation



Patient Education for the Next Generation

Pedi-Ed is the foundation for accessible, informative pediatric-patient education.


Our Mission

By keeping children well-informed, we can empower them to take charge of their own health and help them feel confident and reassured through all of the medical obstacles they may face.


Our Goals

Pedi-Ed aims to bridge the gap between children and their ailments and allow them to engage with their health through informed consent and self-assurance.

 Pedi-Ed makes this possible through short and engaging, animated videos.


Our Vision

 In exploring the impact that pediatric-patient education and support has on overall patient care, Pedi-Ed strives to raise the standard for pediatric-patient care.

Through partnerships, we are continuing to grow and develop our content for varying pediatric medical concerns and issues. 




Dedicated to improving pediatric-patient health and education


Dedicated to improving pediatric-patient health and education

Core Team



Ahaana Singh 

Founder and CEO

University of California, Berkeley

Ahaana is a fourth year Public Health student at UC Berkeley. She founded Pedi-Ed in an effort to improve pediatric-patient education after witnessing the lack of understanding amongst many pediatric patients. By utilizing her experiences from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Alameda Health System, she hopes to improve patient care in various capacities and contribute to better overall health outcomes. 


Caroline McGuire

Co-Founder and CMO

University of California, Berkeley

Caroline is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology on the pre-med track. Working in schools throughout Oakland, Caroline has fostered a passion for empowering young students. She carries this passion over to her work with Pedi-Ed, in an effort to empower young patients through impactful communication with doctors and professionals in the greater San Francisco area and beyond.


Adam DeAngelo

Co-Founder and CCO

Boston University

Adam is a senior at Boston University majoring in Film and T.V. and has always been interested in animation. As Chief Creative Officer, Adam hopes his illustrations will allow children to easily understand the conditions they've been diagnosed with through Pedi-Ed's platform.


Josie Lee

Director of Development

University of California, Berkeley

Josie is a third year undergraduate at UC Berkeley. She is an intended Public Health major, and has built experience in health communication, particularly with a younger audience, while volunteering at Yale’s Pediatric Cardiology clinic and Berkeley’s Peer Health Exchange chapter. Josie looks forward to building partnerships that promote children’s health equity and accessibility.


Victor Ringeard

Director of Digital Operations

University of California, Berkeley

Victor is a fourth year undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has extensive experience with research in the med-tech field and is utilizing these skills to better Pedi-Ed's platform. His background in coding has allowed him to further enhance Pedi-Ed's mission and goals.


Board of advisors

Kristian Olson, MD

Director, CAMTech; Core Educator Faculty, Dept. of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital



Alan Friedman, MD

Professor of Pediatrics; Director of Medical Affairs at Yale New Haven Hospital



Ami Bhatt, MD

Director, Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at Massachusetts General Hospital


Noopur Raje, MD

Director, Multiple Myeloma Program at Massachusetts General Hospital


Our Story

Our Story


The problem:


More often than not, pediatric patients are faced with lots of medical terms and concepts that are difficult for any non-medical personnel to understand completely. Kids go to the doctors for countless reasons not completely knowing exactly why they're there, what they're facing, and how they're going to deal with it. These kids are often overlooked—the focus being the parents and caretakers despite the fact that these young patients are the ones that are actually undergoing the confusing and tolling circumstances. 



Our solution: 

Pedi-Ed simplifies such terms and concepts through short, engaging videos specific to different conditions as well as general health. By providing support and the tools to better understand conditions, Pedi-Ed empowers young patients to help improve care for themselves. In exploring the impact that pediatric-patient education and support has on overall patient care, Pedi-Ed strives to raise the standard for pediatric-patient care.



Where we started:

After having the opportunity to work in a pediatric clinic, I noticed that there was a bit of disconnect between pediatric patients and their conditions—many of these kids were faced with scary, complicated conditions but had no real grasp on what was actually going on. There was one child who stood out to me; he had a rather simple condition with a really complicated name. He didn't know what he should tell his friends when they ask what is wrong with him and why he goes to the doctor all of the time. No one had any substantial explanation for him and no one seemed to think he deserved one. All this child knew was that he had some sort of heart condition, had to go to the doctor pretty frequently, and that he was going to be alright. These things were all true, but there was so much more than just that. With little to no information about what was actually going on, the child was left confused and unsure. All he needed was a simple explanation, but for some reason that didn't exist. 

With one, he could be reassured, informed, and with such understanding, more capable of taking charge of his own health. There had to be something we could do. 

-Ahaana, Founder 

Our Partners

Our Partners

What's New?

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What's New?

Want to stay up-to-date on all things Pedi-Ed? Sign up for our newsletter here

New Content

Pedi-Ed is developing new content for a variety of conditions! Next up is endocrinology. The videos we are currently developing include:

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Type 1 genetics

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Blood sugar tests

  • Insulin pens and pumps

  • How to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent the progression of Type 2 diabetes

If you would like to see any additional videos related to endocrinology, let us know here!


A Global Lens

Pedi-Ed is powering an initiative to promote health literacy amongst refugees in Greece. The project will be implemented in June 2018 and will begin with the assessment of the usability and effectiveness of health education resources amongst the refugee population in a camp on the island of Leros. After initial assessment, the Pedi-Ed team will collaborate with on-the-ground organizations to create a tailored set of content pertinent to the specific population of refugees.


Need specific videos for your hospital or program?

Pedi-Ed wants to help you! Fill out this form with your vision and our team will work with you to create tailored content for your patients, families, and communities!

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